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Bente has an educational diploma from Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo, and almost 20 years of teaching experience. She teaches at all levels and ages and is available for in-person lessons in the Oslo area and online via ZOOM Cloud meetings for far distant or international students. Her main goal and approach to teaching is to create a safe spot for the student in a positive and constructive atmosphere to develop skills and artistic creativity in everyone to its fullest. Lesson can be thought in Norwegian or English.

Testimonial from former and present students:


"I`ve had lessons with Bente for almost half a year and experience a fantastic progress and new experience of my instrument and my own playing."

“She`ll challenge you to play more musically, more musically, more musically. I also realized concepts achieved in my latest lesson were seeds she had sown in the first lesson - months ago. This is teaching at its highest level. ”


Bente has a very special ability to “see-hear” where there are problems. She makes good pictures and explanations that are admirably adapted to the level I am at. ”


“I experience Bente as an incredibly good teacher who is good at teaching digitally. I have learned a lot from her in terms of breathing, sound, and technique. The classes had good structure and they were fun and motivating. ”


“I think the most rewarding experience taking lessons from Bente is that she is constantly thinking of her students. She would send me a packet of flow studies or post a video of an excerpt I am working on or mention something that was particularly pertinent. ”


In person or online.

In person: 60 euros + fee for renting the room at Øvingshotellet, if no other agreement

Online: 45 euros


In person or online

In person: 275 euros + fee for renting the room at Øvingshotellet, if no other agreement

Online: 200 euros

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