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Bente Illevold (b. 1983) comes from Rendalen in Østerdalen and plays the euphonium. Over the past few years, she has left her mark as an innovative performer and has gained recognition for her performances of several new works for the instrument, both at home and abroad. 

Bente is passionate about expanding the euphonium repertoire and allowing the instrument to unfold in new constellations and contexts. She has commissioned seven major works for the euphonium, and several more is to come!


Bente works daily as a freelance musician and educator and is regularly invited as a guest teacher at educational institutions and as a soloist at national and international festivals. She also works as a band conductor and is passionate about her work with youths.  She also arranges music for brass ensembles and wind bands.


Bente is an international SE Shires Company Euphonium artist and was the company`s first pick as their first female and European euphonium artist. Bente performs on Shires Q41 Euphonium and mouthpieces from Doug Elliott. Her debut album “Klangen fra de dype skoger” was published in 2020 and for that she was nominated «Instrumentalistin des Jahres» in OPUS KLASSIK, Germany's biggest Classical music magazine. Her second album “Alene” was released in the fall of 2021, and has proven her to be a true virtuoso on the euphonium.

In 2021 Bente won the famous Forsberg and Aulies legat, placing her among Norways finest musicians. 

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