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"Alene" solo album released November 2021

Illevold proves to be a superb virtuoso. Perhaps she has placed the runs in a way that suits her instrument, but it is nonetheless impressive how she can fly from high to low, and back to high, with all sorts of different antics, depending on what the variations require. At the same time, Illevold constantly maintains direction in the complicated runs, and the movement becomes rich in contrasts through the fact that she is sometimes allowed to stop the virtuosity in favor of calm, singable and melodic meditations. Illevold thus ends the record with his unique way of shaping the euphonium sound as a song, and when it sounds like this, I can easily listen to several records of solo music for the euphonium.

Magnus Andersson,


An entire recording with only solo euphonium! This album probably has a rather narrow catchment area, but Bente Illevolds Alene has something timeless and meditative about it that makes it an exciting release. Illevold, who stands out as an exceptional virtuoso on the instrument.

Ola Nordal,

Solo euphonium. Taste the word. A bit unfamiliar perhaps? Well, the euphonium is an instrument with an exceptionally beautiful sound. Bente Illevold also has the ability, via this instrument, to have a personality in her interpretations that are exceptionally nice to listen to.

Trond Eriksson, den klassiske musikkbloggen

"Alone" is an outstanding euphonium album and I recommend it highly. On the whole album Bente Illevold shows a fine, rich euphonium sound and displays excellent control and agility. Combined with her inherent musicality, the result is excellent!

David Werden, euphoniumist

"Klangen fra de dype skoger" released April 2020

An entire record of music for solo euphonium can seem like a bit much of a good thing, and even more so when the works played by Illevold, the euphonium virtuoso the record focuses on, are only accompanied by "fixed media" or a single percussionist. You shouldn't watch the dog by the hair, as they say, and you should never judge a book - or a CD - by its cover. This is quite an attractive plate. It is fantastically well played and the two works form a rather appealing pair, rooted in Norwegian folk music, but developed in different directions.

Guy Rickards,

Here we have a euphonium playing in contemporary tones and with inspiration from nature and traditional music. And the sound of the instrument is very well taken care of by performer Bente Illevold who, together with percussionist Anders Kregnes Hansen, brings two exciting works to life. [...] Plata's next - and last work is "Bom-Bombardino" by Bjørn Kruse (b. 1946) - also that work from 2016. Here the folk tone is more prominent than in Rebne and Elblaus' work. And again we are going to the home regions of Østerdalen and Illevold. Here we really get to experience how fine Illevold's practice on the instrument is. Her sound is fantastic and, not least, the interaction with percussionist Anders Kregnes Hansen is incredibly good. [...]

Trond Eriksson, den klassiske musikkbloggen

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